As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over 20 years’ experience in South Florida, I will fight for your rights. After I resolve your Tax Problems, you will leave with the knowledge to thrive going forward.

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Once an appointment is set:

  1. No need to leave your home/business, everything is Virtual (Online).
  2. I meet with you via Zoom to discuss your situation.
  3. If I agree to take your case, a Secure Online Portal will be automatically set up.
  4. You have 24 / 7 x 365 days access to this Secure Online Portal, where you can Sign, Upload and Download any documents
  5. You most likely will never have to speak or meet with the IRS or state, unless it’s a special circumstance
  6. Continue running your business and let me worry about the rest!


Ergedine has been my personal accountant for 3 years and has conducted business with the utmost professionalism. She handles my quarterly sales tax and files end-of-the-year taxes. As a small-business owner, I provide all of my business information such as sales, inventory, Receipts, bank statements, and many more important documents to Ergedine via a protective Web site called ShareFile. Once the information is received, she goes to work and conducts her business with proficiency and efficiency. Everything takes place electronically; thus, when important documents need to be signed, a signature will be prompted online to officially verify documents. Importantly, she can and will contact you directly via telephone if information is needed or questions need to be asked. Her response time is extremely fast when a question is inquired. If you are a business owner or a working citizen and need a certified public accountant, look no further than Ergedine, for she does great work.

– Hamlet Pericles, Inc., Miami, FL

The firm is amazing all around. Dealing with my issues and resolving them in a proper manner. Resolving fraud on my business taxes. Everything was efficient and in order. Understanding tax law, what I can and can’t write-off.

Darren Wilson, President, 5 Alive Concepts LLC (2021)